2012 was the year when Samira Hasan decided to move from the quiet suburb in Sweden to the busy city of Los Angeles where she could develop and pursue her passion - Photography.
After she graduated high school, she decided to study a few more years at The Art Institute of California - Hollywood, where she achieved her Associates of Science Degree in Digital Photography.

Samira is a very versatile photographer/editor. She succeeded to maintain a recurring clientele in a very short time. Her style of work is mostly natural lighting and post production on top of her work.

Improvement really is the key to success for her and she is not afraid to throw herself out there even if it would be uncomfortable she knows how to turn it around and make the best out of the situation. She does not mind to take on that extra mile and wearing different hats.

" I am a strong believer in learning new things everyday, and nothing is really impossible if you tell yourself that you can do anything if you only put your mind to it - Samira "

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